Borrowing regulations

Only students at Marie Cederschiöld university can borrow books from the shelves 'Kurs' (course books) and 'Infodisk'.

Here you find a useful list of library terms in Swedish and English.

Lending conditions

When you lend or use material at Marie Cederschiöld university library you commit to our borrowing regulations.

Before you can borrow or put a hold on books you need to visit the library and get you library card. Bring your id.

As a library user you are obliged to make sure that the library have your current contact details, like your e-mail address and phone number.

You can find details about your loans, reservations and any fees in your library account. Students admitted to Marie Cederschiöld university use to log in. Students admitted to Ersta Sköndal Bräcke university (i.e. prior to the spring term 2022) uses to log in. All employees uses to log in.

You are not allowed to write in or make any other damage to the library books and other resources.

You need to be 18 years old to borrow books at our library.

loan period

The loan period for 'Kurs' (curse books) is 7 days. The loan period for other books is 21 days.

Your loans are automatically renewed, up to 5 times. NB! There are no automatic renewals if another library user has placed a hold on the book you have borrowed or if you are blocked.

You get a recall notice via e-mail when the loan period for a book is renewed or when you have to return the book. Read the e-mails carefully. After the loan period you are obliged to return your loans immediately.

External library users who are not students or employees at Marie Cederschiöld university are allowed 10 loans at once.

Put a hold on books

You can only reserve books that are already on loan. It is not possible to put a a book on hold that is on the shelf – first come first served!

Interlibrary loans

If the library does not have an article or a book that is needed for research or studies at Marie Cederschiöld university we can borrow it from another library. Please fill in the forms (in Swedish) for ordering a book or an an article.

The library lending us the book decides on the loan period for interlibrary loans. When you get a recall message you are obliged to immediately return your loans.

NB! Students cannot order books that are available at a library in Stockholm County.

Articles ordered for students costs 50 SEK per article.

Sheet music and recordings can only be borrowed by students at Marie Cederschiöld university.

Overdue fines

'Daglån' 25 SEK per book and day.

'Kurs' (course books) 15 SEK per book and day.

All other books 5 SEK per book and day.

  • If your overdue fines exceed 100 SEK you are blocked until you have paid the fine and returned the books.
  • A maximum of SEK 500 is withdrawn on one and the same return occasion. The fine is paid at the library counter by Swish or bank transfer.
  • When a book must be returned you will get a recall notice via e-mail. You need to return a recalled book immediately. After the third recall notice your lending privileges will be withdrawn until the late books are returned and you have paid the fee.
  • Books that are not returned: we invoice lost or destroyed material according to the purchase price, but no less than 500 SEK per book (which includes the administration cost for the library).
  • You need to pay the whole fee at the same time, which means that you cannot pay a fee in installments.

Request to purchase

We welcome purchase proposals. Please send an e-mail to

Personal data

To give you access to the Marie Cederschiöld university library resources we need to manage your personal data (name, address, personal number*, phone number and e-mail address). This management follows the regulatory framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applies throughout the EU.

When you register for a library account at our library you enter into an agreement with Marie cederschiöld univerity library. The library need to manage your persnal data to administer your loans, give you access to electronic resources, etc. We will never use your personal data for anything else than what is required for you to be able to use the library services. You can choose to end the agreement at any time, provided that you have fulfilled your obligations towards the library, and we will then erase your personal data. If you do not choose to end the agreement your inactive library account will be deleted two years after you have finished your studies. An inactive library account of external library members/patrons will be deleted after two years.

*We do not register personal number for students and staff.

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26 April 2024