GDPR - personal data


Marie Cederschiöld University (hereinafter the University) is responsible for the processing of your personal data. You can reach the university's data protection representative at

We process your personal data to:

  • Ensure that information on applicants for education, completed studies, grades of educations and degrees is preserved
  • To conduct examination and plagiarism control
  • Register grades, attendance and other information about completed studies
  • You should be able to work with teachers and other students within a course or program
  • Show the correct course information on the student web
  • Allocate relevant resources, facilities and materials to students
  • Provide study and career guidance
  • Create a basis for follow-up and evaluation of our education
  • To decide on the admission of students
  • To be able to communicate with you who are a student
  • Decide on registration fee and tuition fee
  • Create official statistics and report it
  • Suspension of students liable for tuition fees
  • Investigate and handle disciplinary matters
  • Assign relevant support measures
  • If you complete a work-based training, your information will be submitted to the organization where you do your work-based training.
  • To handle exchanges with foreign universities and travel grants
  • To enable research

The university will also process your personal data in the ways required for the university to follow the rules regarding public documents and government archives. In addition, the data must be able to be used as a basis for follow-up and evaluation, for admission of students.

The register may also be used for research. Regulation (2010: 595)

Administer your studies (e.g. grade, book premises and other resources)

We primarily receive personal information about you from, which is handled by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

In some cases, we receive personal information from other universities if you have studied there before. Then we have the personal information that we receive from you or that is created about you due to your education with us.

When we process your personal data, we do so in order to fulfill the university's general interest in completing education or to comply with laws and regulations. We therefore process your personal data to fulfill a task of general interest. In some cases, for example when it comes to the transfer of your personal data outside the EU, we ask for your consent to this.

ESBH does not disclose your personal information to external stakeholders without your consent.

Marie Cederschiöld University transfers your personal information to other organizations in certain cases, for example:

  • Other universities, in Sweden or within the EU, for example when you want to credit courses or when the university checks your eligibility
  • CSN, when they need the information to grant or pay student aid
  • The Swedish Council for Universities and University Colleges through
  • Statistics Sweden to create official statistics
  • Other authorities within Sweden or the EU, to handle matters concerning professional qualifications and credentials
  • The student unions at the university
  • The Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems, the Swedish Research Council for the Environment, Areal Industries and Community Development and the Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare.
  • Swedish Institute
  • The University Chancellor's Office


If you apply for exchange studies or collaborate with an organization outside the EU/EEA, we will transfer personal data to that organization

Your personal information is even stored:

  • You have completed the course / program you are taking with a final grade, final exam
  • You have requested withdrawal from the course / program

When any of the above points are met, your account information and other data will be deleted after 3 months from the above event.

Remaining students receive a personal message via letter / telephone / email that the account and your information must be deleted and deleted.

Your personal data may also be stored for as long as required by law on public documents and government archives.

You have the right to have your information deleted, corrected, restricted and to have access to the personal data that is processed, as well as the right to object to the processing. To exercise your rights, contact your study administrator who will assist you.

If you as a student have given consent to a specific measure, you as a student can have the right to revoke this consent.

In order to be able to study at Marie Cederschiöld University, you must give us certain personal information. This is regulated, among other things, in ordinance (1993: 1153) on the reporting of studies, etc. at universities and colleges.

If you have views on the university's personal data processing, you can contact the privacy and data protection function at

You can read more about the Data Inspectorate's supervision at