How do we meet and interact with other people? What is the source of our knowledge? What are our frames of reference? What is the state of each field in our own particular sphere of activities?

Increased globalisation is placing new demands on universities and academic institutions, but is also creating openings for new and unique possibilities. This is of course also true of Marie Cederschiöld University.

Our vision of the work of internationalisation at Marie Cederschiöld University is that it shall promote understanding of the meaning of sustainable development in Sweden and in the world beyond and that every student shall be affected by this work during their study time here. The work shall also permeate the pedagogical approach of our teachers, based on our specific conditions, identity and profile.

Giving some thought to "internationalisation" in the academic context, central topics and themes that come to mind are exchange programmes, contact with foreign countries, collaboration agreements, the Bologna Process, scholarships, grading criteria, English-language course literature, visiting lecturers, cultural encounters on home ground and international networking, but also such purely joyful occasions as celebrations, social gatherings and meeting interesting people.Information about Sweden as a destination for academic studies.

For some persons internationalisation work is merely another administrative burden among many, but for others it is about the very survival of the university, a matter of priority, where the internationalisation work must permeate all teaching, research and organisation.

Here you can find some useful information about Sweden with links to the Swedish Institute and other governmental agencies working in the area of international academic cooperation, scholarships and grants.

Marie Cederschiöld University shall safeguard and respect the equal value and rights of all its employees and students irrespective of gender, ethnic affiliation, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression and age. Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College shall be an environment that prevents, prohibits and takes action against harassment and discrimination. Our efforts to ensure equal status and equality of treatment shall be integrated into our daily activities to ensure that all managers, employees and students work together to realise this vision.

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1 March 2024