Sivin-Child — Coordinated intervention systems against violence in close relationships

The six year research programme Sivin-Child (Coordinated intervention systems against violence in close relationships), explores how different aspects of social work, from detection and investigation to support and follow-up can be coordinated.

Taking both children's vulnerability and their rights to participation as key points of departure, the aim of the research programme is to explore the preconditions for, and to contribute to the development of, a child centred coordinated intervention system against violence against children in close relationships. The six-year research programme is financed by Forte (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare).

Focus in our work lies on social work interventions to detect, investigate, assess, protect and support children and their carers. In the programme we collaborate vid local social services like the city of Stockholm, the municipalities of Södertörn and with organisations such as Save the Children and the foundation Allmänna Barnhuset. We collaborate with the intent to establish long term commitment among both researchers and participating organisations to build structures that can create sustainable change in everyday practice.

The programme is divided into two periods. The first period aims at laying the foundation for systematic development work while the second aims at developing models for a coordinated intervention system in a local context. Our overarching aim is fulfilled through a series of thirteen interlinked work packages, focusing on children as services users, organisation and coordination between different parts of the social services, research-based method development and knowledge use in everyday professional practice.

On the top of this page you find two different entries to more information. One if you are a child or young person with information customised for you and one if you are a researcher or practitioner and want more detailed information on our different work-packages.

We are aware that the Covid-19 crisis during 2020 has created enormous challenge for our entire society and that childrens vulnerability could increase. If you're worried or if you are concerned for a child or young person in your vincinity we asked you to get in contact with one of the support organisations you find on our page for children and young people.


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Project leader

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