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The aim in our research programme is to explore the preconditions for, and to contribute to the development of, a child centred coordinated intervention system against violence against children in close relationships. In the programme we collaborate vid local social services like the city of Stockholm, the municipalities of Södertörn and with organisations such as Save the Children and the foundation Allmänna Barnhuset. Our aim is to establish long term commitment among both researchers and participating organisations to build structures that can create sustainable change in everyday practice for supporting children subjected to violence. The six year research programme (2020-2025 is divided into two programme phases or periods of three years each.

Thematically our programme activities are divided into three different focus areas: Children as service users, organisation and coordination and knowledge development and knowledge use.

By clicking on "Our work packages" below you can access more information on each individual project within the research programme. Below you also find links to the organisations and governmental departments we collaborate with and links to relevant publications.


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5 January 2024