Linnea Lundgren

The Department of Civil Society and Religion

Title: PhD, Lecturer

Phone: +46 701 493 475


Address: Marie Cederschiöld högskola, Box 11189, 100 61 Stockholm
Visiting address: Erstagatan 1N

Work area

Linnea Lundgren, PhD is employed as a lecturer at the Institution for Civil Society and Religion at Marie Cederschiöld University and affiliated to the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research on Religion and Society CCR, Uppsala University. Her research interest is in the sociology of religion and religious studies and she is particularly interested in issues concerning religion and civil society and religious change. Lundgren defended her PhD thesis in 2021 concerning the governance of religious diversity in Sweden.

She is the correspondent for Sweden at the EUREL database on legal and sociological data on religion in Europe and is currently participating in different research projects regarding the role of civil society actors in handling crises, religious responses to crises and lived religion in the Church of Sweden.


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Linnea Lundgren (2022). Trossamfunden och covid-19: en undersökning om hur pandemin påverkat lokala församlingar i Sverige
Linnea Lundgren (2021). A Risk or a Resource?: A Study of the Swedish State’s Shifting Perception and Handling of Minority Religious Communities between 1952-2019
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Finn Nilson, Linnea Lundgren, Carl Bonander (2020). Living arrangements and fire-related mortality amongst older people in Europe
Linnea Lundgren (2019). A Diversity of Roles: The Actions Taken by Religious Communities in Sweden during the “Refugee Crisis” in 2015
Linnea Lundgren, Elisabeth Christiansson (2019). Rättigheter och barmhärtighet: oförenliga eller överbryggande diskurser?

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