Ebba Henrekson

The Department of Civil Society and Religion

Title: PhD Student

Phone: +46-70 633 03 52

Mail: ebba.henrekson@mchs.se

Address: Box 11189, 100 61 Stockholm
Visiting address: Erstagatan 1N

Research area

Ebba Henrekson is a PhD Candidate at the Center for Civil Society Research and associated to the Stockholm Center for Civil Society Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Her dissertation concerns the privatization of the Swedish school system and the organizational development of the school sector since the early 1990s. In particular, she examines the institutional, historical, and political factors that have contributed to a situation where civil society organizations and religious actors have a relatively small share of the school market compared to for-profit actors, despite a clearly pronounced political intention to promote increased pluralism in the school sector.

Ebba is currently also involved in a research project at the Stockholm School of Economics on the governance of the Church of Sweden and a project on volunteering at Marie Cederschiöld University. She has previously researched nonprofit financing through the organization of gambling and lotteries

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25 August 2022