Carl Göran Svedin

The Department of Social Sciences

Title: Affiliated Professor

Phone: +46-70 966 07 40


Address: Marie Cederschiöld högskola, Box 441, 128 06 Sköndal
Visiting address: Herbert Widmans väg 12

Work area


Marie Bladh, Carl Göran Svedin, Sara Agnafors (2023). Predictors of educational failure at 16 and 19 years of age: SESBiC longitudinal study
Gita Rajan, Caroline Wachtler, Sara Lee, Per Wändell, Björn Philips, Lars Wahlström, Carl Göran Svedin, Axel C. Carlsson (2022). A One-Session Treatment of PTSD After Single Sexual Assault Trauma. A Pilot Study of the WONSA MLI Project: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Meghan Donevan, Linda Jonsson, Marie Bladh, Gisela Priebe, Cecilia Fredlund, Carl Göran Svedin (2022). Adolescents' Use of Pornography: Trends over a Ten-year Period in Sweden
Carl Göran Svedin, Meghan Donevan, Marie Bladh, Gisela Priebe, Cecilia Fredlund, Linda Sofia Jonsson (2022). Associations between adolescents watching pornography and poor mental health in three Swedish surveys
Åsa Landberg, Carl Göran Svedin, Linda Jonsson (2022). Det gäller en av fyra: Fakta om barn, sexuella övergrepp och sexuell exploatering i Sverige 2020–2021
Hedvig Andersson, Erik Aspeqvist, Örjan Dahlström, Carl Göran Svedin, Linda S. Jonsson, Åsa Landberg, Maria Zetterqvist (2022). Emotional Dysregulation and Trauma Symptoms Mediate the Relationship Between Childhood Abuse and Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Adolescents
Åsa Landberg, Carl Göran Svedin, Linda Sofia Jonsson (2022). Patterns of disclosure and perceived societal responses after child sexual abuse
Ulrike Hoffmann, Carl Göran Svedin, D Anagnostopoulus, J P Raynaud, A M Räberg Christensen, Jörg M Fegert (2022). Protection of patients against violence in medical institutions and the need for general safeguarding measures
Doris Nilsson, Carl Göran Svedin, Frida Hall, Emelie Kazemi, Örjan Dahlström (2022). Psychometric properties of the Adolescent Resilience Questionnaire (ARQ) in a sample of Swedish adolescents
Doris Nilsson, Carl Göran Svedin, Carolina Lundqvist, Örjan Dahlström (2022). Resilience in Swedish adolescents: Does resilience moderate the relationship between trauma experience and trauma symptoms?
Toomas Timpka, Örjan Dahlström, Kristina Fagher, Paolo Emilio Adami, Christer Andersson, Jenny Jacobsson, Carl Göran Svedin, Stéphane Bermon (2022). Vulnerability and stressors on the pathway to depression in a global cohort of young athletics (track and field) athletes
Maria Zetterqvist, Linda Jonsson, Åsa Landberg, Carl Göran Svedin (2021). A potential increase in adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury during covid-19: A comparison of data from three different time points during 2011 - 2021.
Gita Rajan, Lars Wahlström, Björn Philips, Per Wändell, Caroline Wachtler, Carl Göran Svedin, Axel C. Carlsson (2021). Delayed healthcare access among victims of sexual abuse, understood through internal and external gatekeeping mechanisms
Gita Rajan, Sanna Syding, Gunnar Ljunggren, Per Wändell, Lars Wahlström, Björn Philips, Carl Göran Svedin, Axel C Carlsson (2021). Health care consumption and psychiatric diagnoses among adolescent girls 1 and 2 years after a first-time registered child sexual abuse experience: A cohort study in the Stockholm Region
Sara Agnafors, Marie Bladh, Lisa Ekselius, Carl Göran Svedin, Gunilla Sydsjö (2021). Maternal temperament and character: associations to child behavior at the age of 3 years.
Doris Nilsson, Iza Dävelid, Sara Ledin, Carl Göran Svedin (2021). Psychometric properties of the Child and Adolescent Trauma Screen (CATS) in a sample of Swedish children
Carl Göran Svedin, Åsa Landberg, Linda Jonsson (2021). Unga, sex och internet efter #metoo: Om ungdomars sexualitet och utsatthet för sexuella övergrepp och sexuell exploatering i Sverige 2020/2021
Carl Göran Svedin (2020). Barnmisshandel - ett samhällsproblem: Vad vet vi och vad behöver göras?
Therese Kvist, Göran Dahllöf, Carl Göran Svedin, Eva-Maria Annerbäck (2020). Child physical abuse, declining trend in prevalence over 10 years in Sweden
Rikard Tordön, Marie Bladh, Gunilla Sydsjö, Carl Göran Svedin (2020). Improved Intelligence, Literacy and Mathematic Skills Following School-Based Intervention for Children in Foster Care
Anna Kaldal, Åsa Landberg, Maria Eriksson, Carl Göran Svedin (2017). Children's Right to Information in Barnahus
Åsa Landberg, Carl Göran Svedin (2013). Inuti ett barnahus: en kvalitetsgranskning av 23 svenska verksamheter

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