Welfare Law research

Welfare law research is a general research subject at Marie Cederschiöld University . Welfare law research is the study of the function of law in the welfare society.

Welfare law research involves legal analysis of the sources of law as well as analysis of the importance of legal system as such in creating and maintaining a welfare society with respect for fundamental values, such as legal rights, non-discrimination and respect for the privacy and integrity of the individual. Welfare law research is a legal research field with an ambition to cooperate and communicate with other fields of social science.

Welfare law incudes rules that are sometimes labelled the social dimension, i.e. rules that relate to the European Union’s social policy. This may include rules and regulations concerning citizenship, employment, children and the family. Given the emphasis of welfare law on non-discrimination and privacy and integrity, welfare law perspectives can be applied to a number of other research domains, including social work, ethics, gender, migration and ageing.

The field of welfare law relates to the legal science analysis of legal problems as formulated in terms of conflicts concerning limited resources as well as systems describing complex relationships or communication and negotiation models. Welfare law also link to the social science distinction (welfare) state/market.

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27 December 2021