Global study on Covid-19 and people with intellectual disabilities

The corona pandemic has affected all of us over the past six months. However, knowledge about how people with intellectual disabilities (developmental disorders) are affected is very limited. We also lack knowledge about the effects on their parents, siblings, legal guardians and staff in group homes, who provide them with support.

A global study is, therefore, being conducted concerning Covid-19’s impact on people with intellectual disabilities and the persons giving them support. A total of 19 countries are participating in the study, which is being coordinated by researchers in Ireland. Researchers at Marie Cederschiöld University in Stockholm are responsible for Sweden’s participation.

The questionnaire concerns how people with intellectual disabilities have been affected during the pandemic, for example by social distancing. There are also questions about how, for example, staff in group homes and family members have been affected.

With increased knowledge, the conditions during the pandemic for people with intellectual disabilities in different countries can be compared and support measures developed and better adapted to different needs.

Link to the questionnaire:

The questionnaire is open and can be answered by those who are over 18 years of age and are family members or staff in a group home, until 20 September ??. The results, both for Sweden and the other participating countries, will be presented during the winter/spring of 2020/21.

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About the project:

Project group/collaborators:
Time period: 2020 -
Research area: Department of Social Sciences - Research on social work conditions, forms and outcomes
Project status: Ongoing
Financier: FORMAS

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