After sheltered accommodation - a pilot study in women who are victims of domestic violence concerning their situation during and after living in a women’s shelter

A pilot study will be carried out during 2021-2022 with the aim of mapping the lives of the women in a specific shelter, what assistance they receive during the placement, why the placement ends, and what happens to them directly following discharge from the women’s shelter.

Violence in close relationships is a widespread problem, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. Women who have been subjected to such violence may be in need of extensive support in order to be able to leave the relationship, and to cope with the serious physical, psychosocial and economic consequences that the violence entails. The provision of accommodation in a women’s shelter is important for many victims of violence. Despite this, knowledge about what living in a women’s shelter implies for victims of violence is limited and there is only one previous study performed in Sweden that follows women exposed to violence after they have been placed in such accommodation.

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About the project:

Time period: 2021-2022
Research area: Social work
Project status: Ongoing
Financier: Academic Board

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4 January 2022