Preparation of the family members of patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation

This project studies the family members of patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation. These patients are seriously ill and about half do not survive despite the transplantation. The family members, therefore, need substantial support, yet such support is currently lacking. Within the framework of the project, the preparation of family members for the care they will be providing, and their needs for support, are explored. Support measures will then be developed based on each individual’s own personal situation, i.e. individual support interventions that address each and every one of the family members and their specific needs.

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About the project:

Project group/collaborators:
  • Jeanette Winterling, PhD, Karolinska Institutet; Karin Bergkvist, PhD, Sophiahemmet University College; Annika Kisch, PhD, Lund University
Research area: Palliative Research Centre
Project status: Ongoing

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4 January 2022