Women’s health and well-being with a focus on women’s experiences of living with lipoedema

This project focuses on how women who have been diagnosed with lipoedema describe their everyday lives and the challenges related to living with lipoedema.

The project’s explicit focus will be on how women experience pain, and feelings such as shame and guilt, which have been shown to be common in relation to quality of life and which can also significantly impact everyday life. A prerequisite for developing methods to support people with an illness is to first study the perceived needs that these people report. Women’s personal descriptions of needs in relation to lipoedema have been sparsely explored and our intention is, therefore, to clarify this in a first step.

Social issues to work with in the future

Our education is linked to the UN's 17 global goals for sustainable development. These are goals that you can get tools to work with in the future:

U.N's global goals: Good health and well-beingU.N's global goals: Gender equalityU.N's global goals: Reduced inequalities

About the project:

Project group/collaborators:
  • Catharina Melander and Päivi Juuso, Luleå University of Technology
Time period: 2020-2022
Research area: Department of Health Care Sciences - Research in the main field of healthcare science
Project status: Ongoing
Financier: Support from the Swedish Association of Chronic Oedema

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4 January 2022