Pernilla Omérov

The Department of Health Care Sciences

Title: Senior Lecturer, Program Director Psychiatri Science

Phone: +46-76 636 50 51


Address: Marie Cederschiöld högskola, Box 11189, 100 61 Stockholm
Visiting address: Folkungagatan 127

Work area

Akademic qualifications and degress

2014 PhD
2005 Master of Helth Care Sciences 
2004 CNS in Psychiatric Care
1995 RN


Viktoria Wallin, Elisabet Mattsson, Pernilla Omerov, Anna Klarare (2022). Caring for patients with eating deficiencies in palliative care—Registered nurses' experiences: A qualitative study
Pernilla Omerov, Jennifer Bullington (2022). Nursing Care of the Suicidal Patient
Viktoria Wallin, Pernilla Omerov, Elisabet Mattsson, Anna Klarare (2022). Patienters erfarenheter av mat och måltider vid kronisk livsbegränsande sjukdom: En litteraturöversikt med mixade metoder
Viktoria Wallin, Pernilla Omerov, Elisabet Mattsson, Anna Klarare (2021). Experiences of food and mealtime from the perspective of patients with chronic life-limiting disease: a mixed-method systematic review
Pernilla Omerov, Åsa Kneck, Lina Karlsson, Agneta Cronqvist, Jennifer Bullington (2020). To Identify and Support Youths Who Struggle with Living-Nurses' Suicide Prevention in Psychiatric Outpatient Care
Joachim Eckerström, Emelie Allenius, Marjolein Helleman, Lena Flyckt, Kent-Inge Perseius, Pernilla Omérov (2019). Brief admission (BA) for patients with emotional instability and self-harm: nurses' perspectives - person-centred care in clinical practice.
Jennifer Bullington, Mona Söderlund, Elisabeth Bos Sparén, Åsa Kneck, Pernilla Omérov, Agneta Cronqvist (2019). Communication skills in nursing: A phenomenologically-based communication training approach
Pernilla Omerov, Åsa Gransjön Craftman, Elisabet Mattsson, Anna Klarare (2019). Homeless persons' experiences of health- and social care: A systematic integrative review
Pernilla Omerov, David Titelman, Ullakarin Nyberg (2018). Population-Based Surveys That Include Suicide-Bereaved Family Members: Ethical and Methodological Considerations
Pernilla Omerov, Rossana Pettersen, David Titelman, Tommy Nyberg, Gunnar Steineck, Atle Dyregrov, Ullakarin Nyberg (2017). Encountering the Body at the Site of the Suicide: A Population-Based Survey in Sweden.
Tommy Nyberg, Ida Hed Myrberg, Pernilla Omerov, Gunnar Steineck, Ullakarin Nyberg (2016). Depression among Parents Two to Six Years Following the Loss of a Child by Suicide: A Novel Prediction Model
Rossana Pettersen, Pernilla Omerov, Gunnar Steineck, David Titelman, Atle Dyregrov, Tommy Nyberg, Ullakarin Nyberg (2015). Lack of Trust in the Health-Care System After Losing a Child to Suicide: A Nationwide Population Survey
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Pernilla Omerov, Gunnar Steineck, Tommy Nyberg, Bo Runeson, Ullakarin Nyberg (2014). Viewing the body after bereavement due to suicide: a population-based survey in Sweden
Pernilla Omerov, Gunnar Steineck, Bo Runeson, Anna Christensson, Ulrika Kreicbergs, Rossana Pettersén, Birgitta Rubenson, Johanna Skoogh, Ingela Rådestad, Ullakarin Nyberg (2013). Preparatory studies to a population-based survey of suicide-bereaved parents in Sweden
Pernilla Omerov, Gunnar Steineck, Tommy Nyberg, Bo Runeson, Ullakarin Nyberg (2013). Psychological morbidity among suicide-bereaved and non-bereaved parents: a nationwide population survey
A Björkdahl, U Nyberg, B Runeson, Pernilla Omérov (2011). The development of the Suicidal Patient Observation Chart (SPOC): Delphi study
Johanna Skoogh, N Ylitalo, Pernilla Omerov, A Hauksdóttir, U Nyberg, U Wilderäng, B Johansson, M Gatz, Gunnar Steineck (2010). 'A no means no': Measuring depression using a single-item question versus Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS-D).
Pernilla Larsson (Omerov), Sonia Nilsson, Bo Runeson, Barbro Gustafsson (2007). Psychiatric nursing care of suicidal patients described by the Sympathy-Acceptance-Understanding-Competence model for confirming nursing

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