Mats Ewertzon

The Department of Health Care Sciences

Title: Affiliated researcher

Phone: +46-8 555 050 53


Address: Marie Cederschiöld högskola, Box 11189, 100 61 Stockholm
Visiting address: Folkungagatan 127

Work area


Pardis Momeni, Kristofer Årestedt, Anette Alvariza, Elisabeth Winnberg, Ida Goliath, Åsa Kneck, Janeth Leksell, Mats Ewertzon (2022). A survey study of family members' encounters with healthcare services within the care of older people, psychiatric care, palliative care and diabetes care
Pardis Momeni, Mats Ewertzon, Kristofer Årestedt, Elisabeth Winnberg (2022). Family Members’ Experiences with the Healthcare Professionals in Nursing Homes: A Survey Study
Nils Sjöström, Margda Waern, Anita Johansson, Bente Weimand, Ola Johansson, Mats Ewertzon (2021). Relatives' Experiences of Mental Health Care, Family Burden and Family Stigma: Does Participation in Patient-Appointed Resource Group Assertive Community Treatment (RACT) Make a Difference?
Anita Johansson, Agneta Anderzén-Carlsson, Mats Ewertzon (2019). Parents of adult children with long-term mental disorder: Their experiences of the mental health professionals' approach and feelings of alienation - A cross sectional study.
Mats Ewertzon, Elizabeth Hanson (2019). Support Interventions for Family Members of Adults with Mental Illness: A Narrative Literature Review
Mats Ewertzon, Anette Alvariza, Elisabeth Winnberg, Janeth Leksell, Birgitta Andershed, Ida Goliath, Pardis Momeni, Åsa Kneck, Maria Skott, Kristofer Årestedt (2018). Adaptation and evaluation of the Family Involvement and Alienation Questionnaire for use in the care of older people, psychiatric care, palliative care and diabetes care
B M Weimand, P Israel, Mats Ewertzon (2018). Families in Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams in Norway: A Cross-Sectional Study on Relatives' Experiences of Involvement and Alienation.
Birgitta Andershed, Mats Ewertzon, Anita Johansson (2017). An isolated involvement in mental health care: Experiences of parents of young adults.
Mats Ewertzon (2016). Utvärdering av blandade lärande nätverk: andra halvåret 2014 till år 2015
Mats Ewertzon (2016). Utvärdering av blandade lärande nätverk: år 2009 till första halvåret 2014
Mats Ewertzon (2015). Anhöriga till vuxna personer med psykisk ohälsa: en kunskapsöversikt om betydelsen av stöd
Anita Johansson, Mats Ewertzon, Birgitta Andershed, Agneta Anderzen-Carlsson, Salmir Nasic, Arne Ahlin (2015). Health-Related Quality of Life: From the Perspekctive of Mothers and Fathers of Adult Children Suffering From Long-Term Mental Disorders
Mats Ewertzon, Agneta Cronqvist, Kim Lützén, Birgitta Andershed (2012). A lonely life journey bordered with struggle: being a sibling of an individual with psychosis 
Mats Ewertzon (2012). Familjemedlem till person med psykossjukdom: bemötande och utanförskap i psykiatrisk vård
Mats Ewertzon, Birgitta Andershed, E Svensson, Kim Lützén (2011). Family member’s expectations of the psychiatric health-care professionals´ approach towards them
Mats Ewertzon, Kim Lützén, Elisabeth Svensson, Birgitta Andershed (2010). Family members´ involvement in psychiatric care: experiences of the health-care professionals´ approach and feeling of alienation.
Torbjörn Högberg, Annabella Magnusson, Mats Ewertzon, Kim Lützén (2008). Attitudes towards mental illness in Sweden: Adaptation and development of the Community Attitudes towards Mental Illness questionnaire
Mats Ewertzon, Kim Lützén, Elisabeth Svensson, Birgitta Andershed (2008). Developing the concept of family involvement and the alienation questionnaire in the context of psychiatric care

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