Gail Dunberger

The Department of Healt Care Sciences

Title: Lecturer

Phone: +46-76 636 50 13


Address: Marie Cederschiöld högskola, Box 11189, 100 61 Stockholm
Visiting address: Folkungagatan 127


Linda Åkeflo, Eva Elmerstig, Karin Bergmark, Gail Dunberger (2023). Barriers to and strategies for dealing with vaginal dilator therapy - Female pelvic cancer survivors' experiences: A qualitative study
Linda Åkeflo, Gail Dunberger, Eva Elmerstig, Viktor Skokic, Gunnar Steineck, Karin Bergmark (2021). Cohort profile: an observational longitudinal data collection of health aspects in a cohort of female cancer survivors with a history of pelvic radiotherapy : a population-based cohort in the western region of Sweden
Eleftheria Alevronta, Viktor Skokic, Gail Dunberger, Cecilia Bull, Karin Bergmark, Rebecka Jörnsten, Gunnar Steineck (2021). Dose-response relationships of intestinal organs and excessive mucus discharge after gynaecological radiotherapy.
Caroline Krook, Carina Lundh Hagelin, Gail Dunberger (2021). Living in limbo: Meanings of living with fecal incontinence as narrated by women after treatment for pelvic cancer
Linda Åkeflo, Eva Elmerstig, Gail Dunberger, Viktor Skokic, Amanda Arnell, Karin Bergmark (2021). Sexual health and wellbeing after pelvic radiotherapy among women with and without a reported history of sexual abuse: important issues in cancer survivorship care
Anna Lindgren, Gail Dunberger, Gunnar Steineck, Karin Bergmark, Anna Enblom (2020). Identifying female pelvic cancer survivors with low levels of physical activity after radiotherapy: women with fecal and urinary leakage need additional support
Maria Hedelin, Viktor Skokic, Ulrica Wilderäng, Rebecca Ahlin, Cecilia Bull, Fei Sjöberg, Gail Dunberger, Karin Bergmark, Andrea Stringer, Gunnar Steineck (2019). Intake of citrus fruits and vegetables and the intensity of defecation urgency syndrome among gynecological cancer survivors.
Ragnhild Johanne Tveit Sekse, Gail Dunberger, Mette Linnet Olesen, Maria Østerbye, Lene Seibaek (2019). Lived experiences and quality of life after gynaecological cancer: An integrative review
Eleftheria Alevronta, Viktor Skokic, Ulrica Wilderäng, Gail Dunberger, Fei Sjöberg, Cecilia Bull, Karin Bergmark, Rebecka Jörnsten, Gunnar Steineck (2018). Dose-response relationships of the sigmoid for urgency syndrome after gynecological radiotherapy.
Gunnar Steineck, Viktor Skokic, Fei Sjöberg, Cecilia Bull, Eleftheria Alevronta, Gail Dunberger, Karin Bergmark, Ulrica Wilderäng, Jung Hun Oh, Joseph O Deasy, Rebecka Jörnsten (2017). Identifying radiation-induced survivorship syndromes affecting bowel health in a cohort of gynecological cancer survivors.
Gunnar Steineck, Fei Sjöberg, Viktor Skokic, Cecilia Bull, Ulrica Wilderäng, Eleftheria Alevronta, Gail Dunberger, Karin Bergmark, Rebecka Jörnsten (2017). Late radiation-induced bowel syndromes, tobacco smoking, age at treatment and time since treatment - gynecological cancer survivors.
Helena Lind, Eleftheria Alevronta, Gunnar Steineck, Ann-Charlotte Waldenström, Tommy Nyberg, Caroline Olsson, Ulrica Wilderäng, Gail Dunberger, Massoud Al-Abany, Elisabeth Åvall-Lundqvist (2016). Defecation into clothing without forewarning and mean radiation dose to bowel and anal-sphincter among gynecological cancer survivors
Gail Dunberger, Maria Hellbom, Karin Bergmark, Karin Ahlberg (2015). Tidig och individualiserad cancerrehabilitering viktig
Gail Dunberger, Helena Thulin, Ann-Charlotte Waldenström, Helena Lind, Lars Henningsohn, Elisabeth Åvall-Lundqvist, Gunnar Steineck, Ulrika Kreicbergs (2013). Cancer survivors' perception of participation in a long-term follow-up study.

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