Eventdatum: 2023-04-19

Conference on Civil Society Studies 2023 - Stockholm 19-20th of April

Center for Civil Society Research, in collaboration with the Swedish Red Cross, the Swedish Sports Confederation, Sweden City Missions, Save the Children Sweden and Ersta Diakoni, cordially invites researchers working on civil society studies to Marie Cederschiöld University in Stockholm, Sweden, for a working conference.

The first time this conference was held was in January 2021, then arranged by the research program Civil Society Elites? Comparing elite composition, reproduction, interaction and contestation in European civil societies, at Lund University.

The goal is to provide an inspiring arena for academic discussions on contemporary civil society in European societies. The papers can cover a broad range of topics including studies on engagement and volunteering, organization and mobilization, movements and NGO's, power and resource inequalities between civil society actors, as well as advocacy and philanthropic actors and activities.

Call for papers
We envision a workshop-like conference with focus on the presentation of texts and collegial commenting and discussion. We look forward to receiving papers departing from various theoretical perspectives and diverse empirical approaches. Theoretical as well as empirical contributions are most welcome.

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